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KMR Insurance Group LLC has been building extraordinary trust and providing highly personalized service since 2011.  We are licensed, contracted and appointed in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, New York, Washington, and Virginia.

We have earned recognition and awards as the premiere insurance broker in the region.  We constantly educate and recertify ourselves, and participate in training offered so that we remain in the forefront of the insurance industry.

Not sure which products are right for you at this time in your life?  Do not worry!  Call us, and we will have a conversation with you to understand all of your insurance needs and concerns.  We do our research, and then we present you with the most appropriate insurance products from a wide variety of local, regional and national carriers.  With your feedback, we tailor these products to fit your unique needs. We will work with you to customize plans and to facilitate the enrollment process for you.  Going forward, we also keep track of your changing insurance needs and monitor the changes in the market that may benefit you even more.

You pay nothing for our help.  As independent brokers, we earn commissions paid by the carriers. Their rates are the rates!  You pay the same for your insurance whether you choose us to help you, or choose to spend hours on your own doing the work.   

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Once you reach 64 and a half years old, or you are older and coming off an employer provided plan, you should start the process to qualify for Medicare.  A federally funded health insurance program in the United States, Medicare primarily covers individuals aged 65 and older, as well as certain younger individuals with disabilities. 

When you approach this milestone, please call us.  As wonderful as Medicare insurance can be, it can be frustratingly complex.  It is also a time when you need to beware of fraud and the flood of mail and advertising that will come your way.  KMR Insurance Group, your personal experts for choosing the best insurance for your unique needs and budget, can help you through these issues as well.

Comprised of different “parts,” Medicare includes hospital insurance (Part A), medical insurance (Part B), and prescription drug coverage (Part D), and Part C.

You have additional choices within each part:  Medicare Supplement Plans (MediGap), Prescription Drug Plans (Part D, PDP), and Medicare Advantage Plans (MAPD, Part C or Replacement Plans).

KMR Insurance Group confidently offers a variety of local, regional and national plans, from carriers including, but not limited to: AARP United Healthcare, Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, Fallon Health, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Health New England (HNE), Humana, Mass General Brigham Health Plan, Mutual of Omaha, Silver Scripts, Tufts Medicare Preferred, Senior Care Options (SCO) plans, WellCare, and more.

Health Insurance (non-Medicare)

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Traditional health care insurance provides financial coverage for medical expenses, especially those you never expect. Policyholders pay regular premiums in exchange for coverage, which can include hospital stays, doctor visits, prescriptions, and preventive care.  All the plans we offer are ACA (Affordable Care Act) compliant.

KMR Insurance Group can help you build a healthcare plan if you are self-employed (e.g., sole proprietor, plumber, CPA); an individual (non-group); or small group (two of more employees).  We help individuals, spouses, people with children, and families.

We offer this coverage through our partnerships with Health Services Administrators (HSA Insurance), Small Business Service Bureau (SBSB), Massachusetts Business Association (MBA), the Health Connector (groups with two or more subscribers), Tufts Health Direct, Mass General Brigham Health Plan, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Health New England (HNE), WellSence Health Plan, Fallon Health, Cigna, Humana, Altus Dental, Delta Dental and others.


Do you want wealth and retirement preservation?
Avoid losses from Stock Market ups and downs?
The ability to bequeath unused funds to your beneficiary?

Annuities can provide a lifetime income stream, offering financial security versus market ups and downs after retirement.    Some products offer wellness benefits similar to those provided by long-term care plans.

Most importantly, you never lose the cash in your annuities!  If you do not use the money in them before you die, the cash value passes along to your designated beneficiary.

The strength of your financial success is tied to the strength of our partnership with carriers.  Some of our partnerships include Athena, Nationwide, North American, Barclays, UBS, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Lincoln National, North American Allienz, American Equity, American General, EquiTrust Life, Integrity, and more.

Life Insurance

Let KMR Insurance Group help you to wisely navigate the policy types available to you!    

Among the categories of life insurance, the most popular include Whole Life, Term (10, 20, 25 and 30 years), Key Man and Final Expense. There are plans for working parents, the stay-at-home parent, single persons, children, and for seniors. All offer varying benefits.  All, if chosen wisely, offer a unique peace of mind.

Term Life Insurance offers coverage for a specific, limited period of time, providing a death benefit if the insured passes away within that period. It can be a cost-effective solution when your funds to pay premiums are limited. Whole Life Insurance covers your entire lifetime, as long as you keep paying your premiums, providing a cash value component that grows over time. It may seem more expensive, but it offers lifelong protection and investment potential.

Final expense life insurance is a specialized policy, designed to cover end-of-life expenses such as funeral costs, medical bills, and outstanding debts. With lower coverage amounts and simplified underwriting, it ensures that your beneficiaries receive a payout quickly, helping to ease the financial burden associated with the policyholder's death.

Long Term Care

Do you worry about burdening your family with your long-term care needs?
Do you worry about where you will live out your last days?

Long-term care insurance safeguards against the high costs of extended medical and personal care services, often required in advanced aging or disabling conditions.  It covers services not typically covered by health insurance or Medicare programs. 

Investing in a long-term care policy can give you freedom of choice for assisted living, or for your own home with medical professionals providing your care.  It can open your visits with loved ones to enjoyment, and avoid the fear (whether real or  perceived) that they feel obligated to provide for your health care and medical needs.

We understand.  Your KMR Insurance broker continually trains in this insurance, and will guide you through choosing what you need, long before you need it, with care and sensitivity.


  • Jean L.
    Kathleen has incredible expertise, and she is thoughtful and thorough. I am grateful to Kathleen for the time she has devoted to solving my extremely complex problems. KMR makes me feel like I am "the only client" even though I know they help thousands!
    Jean L.
  • Kathleen is very knowledgeable and always willing to help with any and all questions or concerns with the ever changing health insurance. Absolutely recommend her services.
  • Patty F.
    Don’t wait to bring KMR Insurance Group into your business. It was simple good luck that I met owner Kathleen Regan at a business networking meeting at the exact time I was personally approaching Medicare age.  She scheduled a one-on-one meeting, and walked me through the labyrinth of health insurance requirements and opportunities I was now facing. Impressive knowledge.  Quick response (usually same day) when I have questions.  Comprehensive and insightful analysis of my insurance-related needs and the wide-ranging offerings in the marketplace.  Peace of mind.  The whole group seems to be the most dedicated in the business to serve their clients! The transition to group insurance was easy. My employees tell me that they are thrilled with the easy access and personal service that Kathleen's Group provides them.  It frees them up to concentrate on the work of our business, rather than worrying about insurance needs.
    Patty F.
  • Mark P.
    Kathleen is amazing at what she does but she's a better person, caring, compassionate and committed to educating her clients and finding the plan or policy to best suit their needs. I referred my 85y/o mother to Kathleen and my mom RAVED about her knowledge and professionalism but said "she was lovely to talk to and genuinely seemed interested in helping me!" If you need help with your Medicare plan or need insurance, do yourself a favor and call Kathleen today!
    Mark P.
  • JB
    I am a small business owner and have worked with Kathleen since 2012. She always kept track of the health plan for my employees and even suggested switching carriers (from the plan our old broker put us in) and saved my company over $20,000.00 the first year in premiums!  Kathleen has since helped me transition to Medicare while keeping my employees covered and happy. My wife will go on Medicare at the end of this year and Kathleen is already on top of it!
  • Matt F.
    Kathleen's expertise and knowledge really helped me find the right life insurance policy. I really had no idea what type of plan or policy I needed but Kathleen took the time to understand my "situation" and she found the best policy and premium from an A+ company! I highly recommend her!
    Matt F.
  • Peter
    Great customer service
  • Ron
    Kathleen is very Knowledgeable, reliable and well connected within this industry. She will lead you in the right direction.
  • Kevin
    Kathleen knows a lot about the healthcare system and especially with seniors. She would be a good person to talk with regarding your healthcare needs. Highly recommend her.
  • Nancy. R
    Very very knowledgeable and responsive! She was a great help to me in planning my coverage!
    Nancy. R
  • Kathleen is the most attentive organized Insurance agent there is. She truly cares for her clients. I highly recommend her.
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